Does Love Stink?

An experiment was conducted where six men were to wear a T-shirt for two nights in a row. They were instructed not to wear deodorant or soap, so women could more easily pick up their Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC). Women were then given the six T-shirts to smell.

Three of the T-shirts had MHC similar to them and three had MHC that was different. The women found that the T-shirts with the different MHC reminded them of past or current boyfriends while the ones with the similar MHC reminded them of family members.

Also, women who were on birth control chose the T-shirts with the similar MHC. Scientists speculate that the birth control often tricks the mind to think it is pregnant and therefore uninterested.

For all the women who think they are crazy and keep dating the wrong man, well maybe your birth control is choosing him for you through scent. Now, if you decide to go off of birth control as an experiment to see if you are attracted to someone new, please do not forget this “experiment” when you are out at the bars enjoying libations. The objective here is meant to create happy dating lives not babies.

Scientists found that females are more likely to choose a mate who is not closely related to themselves. This would allow the offspring to carry different genotypes, having stronger immune systems and a better chance at surviving.

This makes sense because my boyfriend Mike will eat something off of the floor (five second rule need not apply), get three hours of sleep and still spend the next night out drinking, doesn’t obsess about washing his hands and is never sick. I on the other hand, wash my hands the minute I walk in the door, would never eat food off of the floor and if I get anything short of my eight hours of sleep my voice becomes hoarse. (I’m getting a tickle in my throat just thinking about it.) It may be a small case of hypochondria but I still feel every symptom, and it hurts. You can never be too careful!

Hopefully, our kids get his immune system.

In Marie Claire’s June issue, was an article titled, “Scent of a Marriage.” It was about a woman who didn’t like the scent of her husband, but he had all the other qualities she was looking for. Eventually, they had too many differences and divorced. She then remarried a man with a scent she was instantly attracted to. While they still have their differences, it’s been several years and they are still happily married. She attributes the attraction she still has for her second husband to his scent.

As a follow up, a woman responded to this article saying that she was engaged to a man who had an intoxicating scent. She then went on birth control and the hormones made her hate his smell. She ended up finding a birth control that allowed her to enjoy his scent again and they were able to reconnect.


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