Mistake #2- Not Enough Bloodies and Mimosas.

(Continued…) an article from knot.com, 7 Relationship Mistakes Even the Smartest Couples Make, provides us with the seven most common blunders we make once we are married or become settled in our relationships.

Mistake #2: Alienating Your Friends: 

We all know which of us or our friends are guilty of this. Growing up, my mom always drilled in me how important my girlfriends were. So, I was always trying to avoid this mistake. It takes work and it’s not always what you want to be doing. Especially, when you are in the beginning of a new relationship. Now, there is a certain amount of leeway for the “honeymoon phase” but then, yous best be gettin’ your butt back in gear!

In her book, MWF Seeking BFF, Rachel Bertsche says, “Friends can have effects on depression, self-efficacy, self-esteem coping and morale, or a sense of personal control.” I’m not sure if I’ll ever have a “sense of personal control” but the rest of this sounds good.

When you meet a guy, everybody gets it, you are in love–sometimes in the most annoying way. You should start sending thank you notes to your friends after you read this for even putting up with your sappy-ass self during this time anyway.

Dear (enter name)

Thanks for listening to me and putting up with my stories about how amazing _____ is and the funniest thing he said, and the cutest text he sent and the way he looked at me that one time, and then those times I said them again to just reiterate my point of how great he is. And sorry, for all those times I was supposed to be listening when I was really still just listening to myself…in my head, as the picture of him and I ripping each others clothes off was running on a loop over and over again like the Menu Page of a DVD. So weird that while your sex life has been in a lull lately, mine has suddenly become so amazing that I can’t stop talking about it! Don’t worry, you’ll be fine! Love you, me.

P.S. Thanks for making my immune system stronger and my blood pressure lower. You basically contribute to saving my life on a daily basis.

“The power of girlfriends is beginning to yield its secrets to science. For women, friendship not only rules, it protects. It buffers the hardships of life’s transitions, lowers blood pressure, boosts immunity and promotes healing. It might help explain why women, on average, have lower rates of heart disease and longer life expectancies than men.”- Science Confirms that Women Reap Health Benefits from Friendships.

What’s just as important as our health? Our personalities. According to Irene S. Levine, Ph.D., author of Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Break-Up with Your Best Friend. Our girlfriends shape us as people. “Our female friends provide virtual mirrors that allow us to see who we are and whom we want to become.”

The sooner we catch on the the importance of other strong, supportive women in our lives, the better our relationships with ourselves and our men or partners will be. So start making those plans for Sunday Brunch and get back on the Bloody Mary and Bottomless Mimosas’ bandwagon.



2 thoughts on “Mistake #2- Not Enough Bloodies and Mimosas.

    • So true, it’s not just the women. (Though I think the guys can be a whole new blog.) I’ve lost some great guy friends after they got married or became serious. It is like a condition! Thanks for reading.

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